School Garden Competition

School Garden Competition:

Schools are encouraged to enter their school community gardens. Horticultural judges will visit each school entry and judge the best garden, produce and eco components of the garden (watering, recycling, compost etc). Space will be provided at the Show for schools to provide highlights of their gardens in the form of photographs and produce – this is optional. This will be situated in the Paddock to Plate Marque – some of the produce may be utilised in the cooking demonstrations and competition.

Entry Fee: $10.00 per school

Entries close Friday 28th April 2017


Established School Garden 1st $500 2nd $100 Voucher sponsored by Bunnings Palmerston

New School Garden (less than 3 years old)

1st $500 2nd $50 Voucher sponsored by Bunnings Palmerston


To submit your entry, please click on the link below and head to the bottom of the page:

School Garden Competition