Equestrian Events

FREDS PASS RURAL SHOW 2017                        

Important Information

  • See Important Information to all Equestrian Participants on page <…>
  • All entries Led/Rider/Hack to be directed to: ntshowhorseassoc@gmail.com
  • Classes may be split if sufficient entries.

Entry Fees:         NTSHA Members $6.00 per class

Non NTSHA Members $8.00 per class;

Entries Close:     Friday 28th April, 2017, no late entries accepted

INSURANCE LEVY: Equestrian Disclaimer is to be completed by all competitors and forwarded with entries. NO DISCLAIMER — NO ENTRY! NON-NTSHA Members are required to purchase  day membership at $25 PER DAY. If competing Friday & Saturday please complete & date two day membership forms.

REFUNDS: Refunds are subject to the production of a Vet or Doctors certificate stating that the horse/rider was suffering a condition that would prevent them from competing


  • All entries must be submitted via Nominate: www.nominate.com.au
  • Postal and email entries will not be accepted.

COMPETITORS: All competitors compete at their own risk.

PROTEST: Any protest accompanied by a non-refundable fee of $100 must be in writing, and handed to the Ringmaster, within 30 minutes of the incident. Ruling on the protest by the Disputes Committee will be final.

STABLES: Stables, although leased during the year by Equestrian members, are under control of the Freds Pass Rural Show for the duration of the Show. If Competitors are currently leasing stables and are competing, they will be allocated that stable. Remaining stables will be allocated on a “first come first served” basis. Stables are to be kept clean of manure at all times. Unauthorised horses will be removed.

FEED & WATERING: Whilst horses are on the Reserve the feeding and watering of them is the responsibility of the owner/exhibitor.

HEALTH: All horses must be free from contagious disease. Veterinary inspections may be carried out at any time and horses which, in the opinion of the Veterinarian, show signs of contagious disease, shall, if the organisers so order, be removed from the Reserve by the exhibitor at his/her expense

SWABBING:  May be carried out on any horse at the discretion of the organiser.

ETIQUETTE: Competitors at all times will display correct manners to judges and officials. Failure to do so will result in exclusion from the remainder of the Show and further action may be taken at the discretion of the organisers.

EQUIPMENT: Saddlery must be in a safe condition to the satisfaction of the organisers, or the competitor will not be allowed to compete.

ILL TREATMENT OF HORSES: At anytime, anywhere on the Reserve, ill treatment of horses will not be tolerated and will result in automatic disqualification from further competition.

TIMES: Order of events shown in the program is a guide only. It is the responsibility of competitors to ensure they are ready for any event in which they are entering. The organisers reserve the right to vary the order and times of events as they see fit.

CHAMPIONSHIPS: The second place getters in all classes that qualify for Champion (denoted by *) must stand by, and the horse/rider that placed second to the horse/rider sashed.  Champion will be required for the judging of the Reserve Champion.

MEASURING: All horses entered in classes where height is specified must have a current SHC Height certificate.  Measuring certificates must be current and must be produced to the Marshal upon request before entering the Ring in specified classes. Copy of Measurement card to be submitted with your entry or entry will not be accepted.

ATTIRE: To be in accordance with SHC rules. Suitable attire must be worn by all riders (jackets and plaiting is preferred in Hacking rings). Any handler or rider, who, in the opinion of the organisers, is not properly attired, will not be allowed to compete.

AGE OF COMPETITORS: For classes determined by age, age is at the day of competition.

APPROVED HEADGEAR: Riders/handlers under 17 years of age must wear approved headgear to the current Australian (AS/NZ 3838; 1998 or European (EN 1384 or VG1), or US (ASTNF 1163) standard.

STALLIONS: Stallions must be handled or ridden by a person over the age of 17 years. Stallions are only allowed in Stallion classes.

LED CLASSES: Horse entered in Thoroughbred/ASH /RPSB/Welsh/Arab/Warmblood  classes —MUST have been registered with the appropriate Breed Society. However registration does not need to be current or financial. A copy of registration certificate to be submitted with entries. Only horses that are not eligible for a specific breed class are eligible for the “Any Other Breed” class.

JUNIOR RIDERS: Riders/handlers under 17 years of age are not permitted to wear long boots in rider classes and Smartest on Parade. This includes gaiters and chapettes. Junior Handlers must wear approved headgear in led classes

SHC RIDER, HACK AND HUNTER CLASSES: Riders must be a financial NTSHA member and Horses must be currently registered with SHC. Hacks and hunters are also required to hold a current official SHC measurement card. Winners will be eligible for Champion. SHC classes are run by NTSHA under SHC rules & regulations. Contact NTSHA for further information: ntshowhorseassoc@gmail.com

NOVICE HACK AND HUNTER CLASSES: Novice Hack/Hunter is one that has not been placed 1st in any open ridden hack/hunter class at any Official Show with three or more horses.

PRELIMINARY RIDER AND HACK CLASSES: Preliminary Rider or Hack/Hunter is one that has not been placed 1st, Champion or Reserve in an Open ridden Hack class/event at any Royal Show or has never been the Winner or Runner Up at the Grand National, any State HOTY Title or has never been the Winner of any HOTY Intermediate or Preliminary Title.

LEAD LINE RIDERS: Rider must be 3 years and under 8 years. Lead Line Riders may not compete in any other ridden classes.

FIRST RIDDEN: First Ridden is open to Ponies n/e 12.2hh ridden by a child aged 5 yrs & under 12 yrs.

HUNTER / HACK CLASSES: Horses may only compete as a Hack or Hunter (Show or Working). A Hunter may compete in both Show and Working hunter classes

WORKING HUNTER CLASSES: Each Working  Hunter Class consists of a Jumping, Flat Work and a Led/Handler phase. The classes are judged on a point system out of 100pts, with points distributed as follows:

  • 50pts Jumping
  • 20pts Flat work
  • 10pts Presentation
  • 20pts Conformation and manners


The working hunter is to move freely around 5 jumps in a controlled fast canter. Making sure all jumps are approached safely and smooth action over the jump. When competing in the flat work out, manners transitions and even movement needs to be displayed. This is not a timed event.

The Champion Working Hunter of the Show is awarded to the highest point scorer from classes 75 – 77.

Class 74 – Unofficial Working Hunter is open to non SHC registered horses of all heights. A current measuring certificate is not required. This class is not eligible for Champion. It will be judged in the same manner as Classes 75 – 77.

RIDDEN THOROUGHBRED CLASS:  Thoroughbreds of any height that are registered with the Australian Stud Book are eligible to compete in this class.  Registration Number & Racing Name to be provided with entries. Each exhibit is to be judged on conformation, manners and paces. The winner shall enter relevant championship, depending on the horses height. Where the second place horse is from a different height category, the second horse shall also be eligible for their relevant championship.


  • 2017 measurement certificate if entered in classes determined by a height. Copy of certificate to be submitted.
  • Insurance disclaimer has been completed, signed and attached to entries.
  • NTSHA Day Membership form(s) have been completed, signed & attached to entries.
  • Relevant registration certificate for breed classes
  • Evidence of SHC membership and horse registration where required.
  • Freds Pass Show Equestrian Membership purchased from Freds Pass Show Office


  • NT Show Horse Association www.ntshowhorse.com.au
  • Nominate – To enter classes www.nominate.com.au
  • Ring 1. 8am Friday
    Led Events
    Judge: TBA
    Ring 2. 8am Friday
    Led Events
    Judge: TBA
    1. Best Presented Horse & Handler 12yrs and under 2. Best Presented Horse & Handler 13yrs and under 17yrs
    3. Best Presented Horse & Handler 17yrs and over 4.Led Pony under 14hh*
    5. Led Galloway over 14hh and n/e 15hh* 6.Led Hack over 15hh *
    7. Led Hunter Pony 14hh & under* 8.Led Hunter Galloway over 14hh & n/e 15hh*
    9. Led Hunter Hack over 15hh*
    Champion and Reserve Led Open

    Champion and Reserve Led Hunter

    10. Led Riding Pony Mare, Filly or Gelding* 11. Led Welsh/ Part Welsh Mare, Filly or Gelding*
    12. Led Welsh/ Part Welsh Stallion or Colt* 13. Led Riding Pony Stallion or Colt*
    14. Led Arabian/ Part Arabian Stallion or Colt* 15. Led Arabian/ Part Arabian Mare, Filly or Gelding*
    16. Led Australian Stock Horse Mare, Filly or Gelding* 17. Led Thoroughbred Mare, Filly or Gelding*
    18. Led Australian Stock Horse Stallion or Colt* 19. Led Thoroughbred Stallion or Colt*
    20. Led Any Other Breed Mare, Filly or Gelding* 21. Led Any Other Breed Stallion or Colt*
      22. Led Warmblood Mare, Filly or Gelding*
    Champion and Reserve Breed

    Supreme Champion Led Exhibit

    23. Leading Rein Smartest on Parade 24. Best Presented 12yrs and under
    25. Leading Rein Rider 26. Best Presented  13yrs and under17yrs
    27. Leading Rein Mount 28. Best Presented over 17ys
    29. Rider 9yrs and under (off lead) * 30. Preliminary Rider 10yrs  and under 13yrs*
    31. Preliminary Rider 8yrs and under 10yrs* 32. Preliminary Rider 15yrs and under17yrs*
    33. Preliminary Rider 13yrs and under15yrs* 34. Preliminary Rider over 30yrs*
    35. Preliminary Rider 17yrs and under30yrs* 36. Open Rider 13yrs and under15yrs*
    37. Open Rider 8yrs and under 10yrs* 38. Open Rider 15yrs and under17yrs*
    39. Open Rider 10yrs  and under 13yrs* 40. Open Rider 17yrs under30yrs*
    41. Open Rider 30yrs and over* 42. SHC Rider 17yrs and over*
    43. SHC Rider under17yrs*
    Champion & Reserve Junior Rider 12yrs & under

    Champion & Reserve Senior Rider 13yrs & under 17yrs

    Champion & Reserve Adult Rider 17yrs and over

    Supreme Rider of Show

    45. Childs first ridden pony  14hh & under (Rider Under 12) 46. Childs Galloway Over 14hh & n/e 15hh*
    47. Childs Hack over 15hh* 48. Novice Show Galloway*
    49. Novice Pony 14hh & under* 50. Preliminary Pony 14hh & under**
    51. Novice Hack over 15hh* 52. Preliminary Hack over 15hh*
    53. Preliminary Galloway over 14hh & n/e 15hh* 54. Open Galloway over 14hh & n/e 15hh*
    55. Open Pony 14hh and under* 56. SHC Pony 14hh & under*
    57. Open Hack over 15hh* 58. SHC Hack over 15hh*
    59. SHC Galloway over 14hh & n/e 15hh* 60. Ridden off the Track Thoroughbred *
    Champion & Reserve Pony

    Champion & Reserve Galloway

    Champion & Reserve Hack

    Supreme Hack of the Show


    Ring 1. 8am Saturday

    Judge: TBA

    Ring 2. 8am Saturday

    Judge: TBA

    59. Novice Hunter Pony 14hh & under* 60. Novice Hunter Hack over 15hh*
    61. Novice Hunter Galloway over 14hh & n/e 15hh* 62. Preliminary Hunter pony 14hh & under*
    63. Preliminary Hunter Hack over 15hh* 64. Preliminary Hunter Galloway over 14hh & n/e 15hh*
    65. Open Hunter Pony 14hh & under* 66. Open Hunter Hack over 15hh*
    67. Open Hunter Galloway over 14hh & n/e 15hh* 68. Childs Hunter Pony 14hh & under*
    69. Childs Hunter Hack over 15hh* 70. Childs Hunter Galloway over 14hh & n/e 15hh*
    71. SHC Hunter Pony 14hh & under* 72. SHC Hunter Hack over 15hh*
    73. SHC Hunter  Galloway over 14hh & n/e 15hh*
    Champion & Reserve Hunter Pony

    Champion & Reserve Hunter Galloway

    Champion & Reserve Hunter Hack

    Supreme Hunter of the Show

    Working Hunters

    Judges: TBA

    74. Unofficial Working Hunter (All Heights eligible) – (maximum jump height 35 cm)
    75. Working Hunter Pony 14hh & under* (maximum jump height 35 cm)
    76. Working Hunter Galloway over 14hh & n/e 15hh*  (maximum jump height 55 cm)


    77. Working Hunter Hack over 15hh*   (maximum jump height 70 cm)


    Champion Working Hunter of the Show