Show Jumping

Important Information for Show Jumping

See important information to all Equestrian Participants.   All entries are to be done via Global Entries ( Late nominations will not be accepted.

INSURANCE LEVY:          Equestrian Disclaimer is to be completed via Global Entries.

Judge:                                     Karren Ruzsicska (EA Level 3) & Susanne Brustch (EA Level 1)

Course Designer:              TBA

Delays:                                    Show Jumping will not be delayed for competitors competing in other events at the                                                               same time.

The Draw:                           A draw will be displayed on Global Entries Online and where possible, emailed to competitors.  All class will run in draw order.

Grading:                               Grading is subject to the Darwin Show Jumping grading system and Equestrian Australia grading system. Horses entered in to the wrong class will be placed on the draw as HC.

Saddlery:                             May be inspected by the organising committee, and competitors may be directed at the sole discretion of the organising committee to make their gear safe and/or to remove any gear that is not permitted, the competitor shall not be permitted to take part in any jumping events until they have complied with such directions.


  • Equestrian Australia Summer Dress rules will apply.
  • Jodhpurs or breeches (must be white, beige, light beige or similar in colour. Multi coloured jodhpurs will not be accepted).
  • Jackets are optional, but preferred. , lf no jacket is worn, shirts must not be sleeveless. If the shirt is long sleeved, the sleeves must be rolled down and buttoned.
  • Riders must wear a dress shirt and business tie or a dress shirt with rat catcher collar done up (capped sleeves or variants will not be accepted).
  • Competitors may be directed by the organising committee to change clothing that is not regulation and shall not be allowed to compete until the competitor has complied with that direction.
  • As per the EA General Regulations, Article 122.2: Dress and Salute, the following will apply: Protective headgear must conform with one of the current approved safety standards:
    • Current Australian standard AS/NZS 3838(2006 onwards) provided they are SAI Global marked.
    • New Australian standard ARB HS 2012provided they are SAI Global marked.
    • Current American standard ASTM F1163(2004a or 04a onwards) provided they are SEI marked.
    • Current American standardSNELL E2001.
    • Current British standard PAS 015(1998 or 2011) provided they are BSI Kitemarked.
    • Interim European Standard VG1(01.040: 2014-12) with or without BSI Kitemark.
  • Queries: NatalieFletcher-0438079501 or

Proudly Sponsored by HyGain
Saturday 13th May Show Jumping – Main Arena 9am Start
1. Prelim D (80cm) – Art No. 238. 2.2
2. Restricted Table C (90cm) – Restricted to horses graded Prelim D or Bellow – Art No. 238 2.2
3. Open 1m – Art No. 238. 2.2
4. Open 1.10m – Art No. 238. 2.2

Saturday 13th May Afternoon Jumping – Main Arena 3pm Start
5. Open 6 Bar (maximum starting height at last fence 90cm) – Art No. 262.3
6. Rescue Relay (75cm-85cm)
7. Open Power and Skill (maximum starting height 80cm) – Art No. 262 1

Sunday 14th May Show Jumping – Main Arena 8.30am Start
8. Novice One Round Stakes (60cm) – Art No. 238 2.1
9. Elementary (70cm) – 238 1.2 & 245 3 (AM7)
10. Prelim D One Round Stakes (80cm) – Art No. 238. 2.1
11. Open (90cm)  – 238 1.2 & 245 3 (AM7)
12. Open 1m One Round Stakes – Art No. 238 2.1
13. Open 1.10m – Art No. 238 2.2

Prizes Donated by HyGain for 1st to 3rd place and Ribbons will be awarded from 1st to 4th place
Course Designer: TBA
Judge: Karen Ruzciska (EA Level 3) & Susanne Brustch (EA Level 1)

Entry Details
• All riders must be current members of DSJC to enter.
• All Entries for Show Jumping Classes are via Global Entries Online under Darwin Show Jumping Club
• $15.00 entry fee for all classes
o Class 6, Rescue Relay $7.50 per rider/horse (Teams of 2, riders to enter individually).
• Horses can only enter in a maximum of 3 classes per day – with the exception of Saturday (a horse & rider combination can enter 3 classes plus the Rescue Relay).
• Course Crew;
o $15 per rider (one day) or
o $25 per rider (two days)
• All Riders must also complete and return to Fred’s Pass Show Committee a Fred’s Pass Membership Form for membership entry of Fred’s Pass Show.
• Entries for Show Jumping Close via Global Entries Online on Wednesday 10th May 9pm