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50km Feast

The 50km Feast is a top end dining experience that indulges the tastebuds of locally sourced ingredients cooked by iconic Territory chefs and celebrating Territory lifestyle.

Exclusive to 200 guests, the annual dinner hosts a selection of courses all sourced across the Territory, sometimes a little further than 50km. Served under the stars at Freds Pass Reserve, the event supports the Freds Pass Rural Show on the eve of their annual May event. Imagine great outback stories and good conversations across that table, tasting the best ingredients that inspire our region.

The best Territory experience all in one night!  Book the date now - Friday 13 May 2022!  Tickets will go on sale near the end of 2021.

Outside the 50km Feast

With all worldwide events challenged in 2020, Freds Pass Rural Show took to the screens and Outside the 50km Feast was produced. The exciting production ventures outside the dining experience, taking the viewer into local farms and the kitchen of iconic Territory chefs. The mini-series shares the concept behind the popular dining evening and shares the stories of six farms and chefs:

Episode one

Mike Smith (Organic Ag) and Jimmy Shu (Hanuman)

5th November 2020

Episode two

Dan Richards (Humpty Doo Barramundi) and Lynton Tapp

12th November 2020

Episode three

Chris Nathaneal (Tropiculture Australia) and Chung Jae Lee (Little Miss Korea)

19th November 2020

Episode four

Julie-Ann Murphy & Alan Petersen (Rum Jungle Organics), and Bruce Shin (Eva’s Botanical Gardens Café)

26th November 2020

Episode five

Pete Coghill & Fiona McBean (Eva Valley Meats), and Justin Whitrow (Smokey J’s)

3rd December 2020

Episode six

Jon Hayes (Monsoon Fishing) and James Fiske (Snapper Rocks)

10th December 2020

50km Feast 2019


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