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Noonamah Horse and Pony Club

Freds Pass Rural Show 2019 - Pony Club Rings - Rules and Regulations.
To compete in the Pony Club Ring, riders must be current riding members of a recognised Pony Club.
Proof of membership must be presented upon request.

Entry Fees:

Pony Club Ring Events - $25.00
Sub Junior Ring Events - $25.00
Lead Rein Ring Events - $25.00

Novelties / PPMG Events - $15.00


Closing Date:

7 May, 2019


is as on the day of Competition



All persons competing do so at their own risk. Whilst horses are on the reserve, feeding and watering Is the responsibility of the owner. A veterinary Inspection may be carried out at any time. Any exhibit showing signs of having any contagious disease will be removed at the owner’s expense.


FULL Pony Club Dress uniform (i.e. fawn/beige jodhpurs; (gloves optional); shirt – with collar and long sleeves; tie as per competitors club tie; Pony Club saddle blanket, approved safety helmet, waistcoats or jackets. Plaiting is advised – but not compulsory. All junior pony club riders (under 17yrs) must wear short jodhpur boots in competition.

Lead Rein Classes:

Riders must compete In Lead Rein Classes only and must remain on lead rein at all times. They may not swap around. Those leading in this ring must be 17 years or older.


Any protest must be made in writing within 30 minutes of the Incident and to be submitted to Ringmaster. Protests must be accompanied by a non-refundable fee of $50. The disputes committee ruling will be final.

Disputes Committee:

Brian Davidge, Sophie Cleveland.


Pony Club riders are expected to adhere to PC code of conduct, particularly in the Interest of safety all riders MUST precede at walk at all times outside the arena.

Pleasure Mounts:

Plain snaffle bridle, cavesson noseband only. No other sort of noseband permitted. No whips, spurs or martingales allowed.


*Denotes class winner eligible for relevant championship. Second place getters to be on standby for judging of Reserve Champion.


At all Pony Club run events (including Pony Club Junior Ring) competitors must be compliant with Pony Club Association of The Northern Territory policies, procedures and rules


Is not required in the Pony Club ring - however, a horse must compete in same height classes throughout the year.


This event is hosted by NHPC, and run under Pony Club Association of The Northern Territory- Handbook of Bylaws, SunSmart Policy and Gear Rules.

It is the responsibility of all members and participants to familiarise themselves with the governing Rules.

Pony Club Rings

Sunday 19 May 8am

Age is as the day of the event

Ring 1 – TBA

1  Handler under 10yrs
5  Good Hands 17yrs and over*
9 Pony Club Rider 10yrs and under 13yrs*

Champion & Reserve Champion Pony Club Rider
Under 10yrs

13 Most Suitable PC mount 12h & under*
17 Most Suitable PC mount 12h n/e 14h*
21 Most Suitable PC mount 14h n/e 15h*
25 Most Suitable PC mount over 15h

Champion & Reserve Champion Pony Club Mount
12h & under

29 Pair of riders under 10yrs
32 Bareback rider under 10yrs

Ring 3 – TBA

3  Handler under 13yrs & under 17yrs
7  Good Hands 10yrs and under 13yrs*
11 Pony Club Rider, 17yrs & over*

Champion & Reserve Champion Pony Club Rider
13yrs & under 17yrs

15 Best educated mount over 14h n/e 15h*
19 Best educated mount 15h & over*
23 Best educated mount 12h & under*
27 Best educated mount over 12h n/e 14h*

Champion & Reserve Champion Pony Club Mount
14h & n/e 15h

31 Pair of Rider 15yrs & over
29 Bareback rider 15yrs & over

All Judges
35 Quadrille Team Performance  -  4 horses/ riders  any height - any age.
36 Fancy Dress  -  Theme - of your choice or celebrate the Fred’s Pass Show 40th anniversary (Ruby Red)

Ring 2 – TBA

2  Handler 10yrs & under 13yrs*
6 Good Hands under 10yrs*
10  Pony Club Rider, 13 yrs & under 17yrs

Champion & Reserve Champion Pony Club Rider
10 yrs & under 13yrs

14 Pleasure Mount over 15h*
18 Pleasure Mount over 12h & under
22 Pleasure Mount over 12h n/e 14h*
26 Pony Club mount 14h n/3 15h

Champion & Reserve Champion Pony Club Mount
12h n/e 14h

30 Pair of riders 10yrs & under 15yrs
33 Bareback rider 10yrs & under 15yrs

Ring 4 – TBA

4 Handler 17yrs & over
8 Good Hands 13yrs & under 17yrs*
12 Pony Club Rider, under 10yrs*

Champion & Reserve Champion Pony Club Rider
17yrs & over

16 School Pony over 12h n/e 14h*
20 School Pony over 14h n/e 15h*
24 School Pony over 15h*
28 School Pony 12h & under

Champion & Reserve Champion Pony Club Mount
15h & over

School Pony is opportunity to show case how clever you and your horse/pony is through demonstrating any tricks that you may do as a horse/rider combination.


Rings 5 – TBA

Leading rein or assisted
Strictly under 12yrs
Cannot ride in other rings
Sunday 19th  May, 8am

All riders to be aged under 12 years as of the day of the event.
Will be conducted in the closed areas of the arena.

1 Handler
2 Rider
3 Pleasure pony
4 Pony club mount
5 Happiest Rider & Pony combination
6 School pony (rider/horse with special tricks!)
7 Pair of rider
8 Spirit of the Show
10 Bareback rider
36 Fancy Dress – to be judged on the main arena by all judges.

Pony Club Novelties (Friday & Sunday)

 Proudly hosted by Noonamah Horse & Pony Club

Pony Club members entry via Mypony

Novelties Sunday:
American Bending
Obstacle race
Pole Bending race
Ball and Bucket
Snakes and Ladder

Novelties / PPMG Friday

Main arena 5.30pm Friday 17th May 2019

Rules: As per Prince Phillip Mounted Game/ or Pony Club Novelties

Nominations though the My pony portal.

Pony Club members $10.00 entry

Pay on the day entries available through Mypony portal as day members.  $15.00 entry

Games will be as individuals, pairs and teams

For more information contact Jazz Currington 0431 243 803