News Flash

We are so sorry that there will be no 2021 Freds Pass Rural Show, but look out soon for your opportunity to get the show vibe through our 2021 online show!  Our first online show was run in 2020 and was very successful, with just over 500 entries received.           2021 online show entries will be open in a few weeks. Watch this space!

Introducing the new committee of the Freds Pass Rural Show Inc, elected on the 31 March 2021.

Chair – Shirley Preston, Vice-Chair – Penny Parkinson, Secretary – Billie-jo Reichman, Treasurer – Trudy Stewart, General Committee members – Ros McMillan, Wade Charles, Lindsey Stewart, Colin Parkinson.

A big thanks to these members for stepping forward at this challenging time for the association.

The committee’s first task will be to remediate the operational, financial, communications and social media embargo required by the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade until a new committee was formed.   We ask for patience from the many people who have been trying to contact us over the past month - we will get back to you all.

A big task for the new committee will be to get up to speed on all things related to the association. We will then be able to determine if some show-related events can go ahead this year, in lieu of our usual 2 day May show (which there is now not enough time to organise – staging our show is a mammoth operational undertaking).  We will have discussions with our sponsors and other stakeholders and let you know as soon as we can.

But the most important task for the new committee is to commence planning for a bonza 2022 Freds Pass Rural Show!  We know that after a 2-year hiatus, you will all be hanging out to attend our fantastic rural show again, so the committee looks forward to your ongoing support.